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Product Photography

Do you want your online products looking stunning and fabulous? We will tell you the reason why people want their products and things colorful and impressive. There is no any trick or promotional gimmick, but it all depends on perfect Product Photography.

Product photography is not only an art but a real photographer pushes the ways in which their photographs look different from others. In fact, it is very difficult for the photographer to use all the technical aspects such as lighting, camera angle, and composition and so on until the quality of the image clicked. However, moving and still offers the best of the best product images to your website and other communication materials that is safe for customers to buy its charm.

We are the leading Web Development Company in Chicago USA, having Development Center in India offers professional Product Photography for the development of your websites, brochures and catalogues. We offer best Product Photography Services for which your company is looking to compete, increase customers' buying confidence, build credibility and consequently allow you to sell your products online at higher prices.

We provide an Ecommerce Product Photography Service. We can photograph your products, re-touch, clean image and reformat them to suit the design before importing them into the site, so that the detail and quality of each product can be clearly seen.

We ensure our expatriation in creating excellent Product Photography in comparison to other average photographers who impress others by their ordinary work and otherhands, with simultaneous minimal cost than other typical Professional Photographer, because we firmly believe in providing quality products to our customers at more attractive prices.

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Product Image Editing Service

Let us give a new life to your product images!

In eCommerce trade, product images work as the sole medium of communicating various products attributes like appearance, texture, color etc. amongst the perspective buyers. They sell; they attract buyers and give them more convincing and compelling reasons to make the purchase. It is therefore very important to have clean looking product images on your online store.

Online stores often have images gathered from various sources like paper catalogues, manufacturer’s website, digitally shot images etc. At times, it becomes very difficult to consider extensive product image editing and enhancement because of the number of products and corresponding images involved. The processes are strenuous and time consuming.

We at Xcart Development Service can handle all our product image enhancement, product image cropping, product image manipulation, product image masking and product image resizing work. Our team of talented graphic designers consists of highly skilled and experienced product image editing experts who work under close supervision of the project manager. We offer diverse range of graphics/image editing services at very low cost.

Our diversified range of product image enhancement services includes:

  • Product Image Cropping/clipping/cutout:
    This involves tracing down the product image from the original image and placing on a suitable background. Additional image editing can also be done to bring out the colors and clarity.
  • Product Image Resizing/Scaling:
    At times clients send us low resolution product images which are not suitable for the medium. We work on them to bring out the best results possible for different size options i.e. thumbnail, normal and zoom.
  • Product Color / Lighting Correction:
    Product images are colored to client's specifications and suitable coloring style. It includes brightening key elements and bringing out details by adjusting tones and contrasts for accurate exposure.
  • Remove Unwanted Elements:
    It includes tactfully removing unwanted elements / people from the product images and rebuilding the blank area.
  • Product Photo Retouching:
    We apply all the required editing tools to make your products/offerings look awesome. It includes correcting tones, scaling and enhancing key features.
  • Image Background Removal/Correction:
    Product images at times have very bold and disorienting backgrounds that divert viewer’s attention from the main elements. We remove these foreign elements and emphasize on key subjects.
  • Correcting Product Orientation:
    Eyeball moment suggest certain things look better in a particular orientation. We correct the orientation of your product images to represent them with pure élan.
  • Adding/Removing Borders from Product Images
Product Image Processing and Graphic Support:
  • Jewelry items
  • Luxury watches
  • Toys
  • Baby products
  • Antique lightings
  • Digital cameras
  • Apparels – men/woman/kids
  • Home accessories
  • Kitchen utilities
  • Cars & components
  • Medical equipments
  • Ceiling fans
  • Plumbing fixtures etc.
  • Electronic equipments – Microwaves, ACs, Fridges, Music Systems etc.
Product Image Processing and Graphic Support

eCommerce businesses have huge sums of money riding on the look and feel of their offerings. This becomes further more essential when the products being sold are high ticket.

Carving a single, best-suited product image for every different product is quite a task we master. We go that extra mile to fashion your product images in a way that inspires the perspective buyers to browse through its pages. We handle all your product image processing, editing and retouching work.

Usage of Specialized Monitors and Consoles: We are equipped with great infrastructure of advanced PCs and specialized monitors. All image editing is done using Adobe Photoshop Editor (CS4 version).

File Transfer: Clients usually send digitally shot product images via our secure FTP server. These images need substantial editing before they are ready to be uploaded on the eCommerce websites.

We have the ability to process large volumes of images in any format (TIFF, JPEG, PSD, GIF, PNG, TGF/TGA, RAW digital files, etc.) and deliver them ahead of deadlines. Our aim is to make your photo editing process seamless.

With a huge clientele based in US, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, UK, Norway and Australia, we are dedicated to adding value by generating savings and increasing your core process capabilities.

If you are interested and want to have a first-hand experience of our product image editing and enhancement techniques, please mail us at info@sammdataservices.com. We would be most glad to best address your requirements.

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Data Processing

Data Entry Services and Data Capture Services

Xcart Development Services offers data entry services and data capture outsourcing services that are accurate, cost-effective and timely delivered. We handle all kinds of data entry and data capture services projects ranging from simple keying to complex data processing.

We guarantee Data Accuracy. To ensure that the data we enter is correct, we follow double key data entry procedure. Errors are highlighted and are rectified using validation tables, consistency formulae, logic rules, selection menus and lists.

Spectrum of Data Entry & Data Capture Services @ Xcart Development

We at Xcart Development – Data Entry Services India, offer you quality driven, cost-effective, quick Data Entry and Data Capture Solutions. We understand the importance of your documents and ensure that security and privacy procedures are in place.

We offer following services to meet your data processing requirement:
  • Online Data Entry Services
  • Offline Data Entry Services
  • Manual Data Entry
  • Data Entry from Directories
  • Data Entry Services from Yellow Pages/White Pages
  • eCommerce Data Entry
  • Data Entry for Online Stores
  • De-duplication of Data
  • CD Preparation and Replication
  • Full-Text Data Capture services
  • Word Processing
  • Scanning and OCR
  • Catalog Data Entry
  • Database Maintenance


Our Main Focus Areas in Data Entry & Data Capture Services:

  • Xcart Development:
    Data Entry Services India provides both Online Data Entry Services and Offline Data Entry Services to clients with varying needs of documentation. Before starting the conversion of the data, the data is first scanned using high-speed scanners. The scanned data is further processed using OCR or the ICR and the resultant data is stored in your database. You can retrieve the stored information anytime you require.
  • Converting Paper into an Image:
    large volumes of paper documents can be converted into digital images of various file formats. This can be stored in the archive and processed further as per requirement.
  • Capturing of data from coupons and receipts:
    The data from the coupons, vouchers and receipts can be captured very easily and stored in the database for further usage.
  • Scanning and imaging of the Cheques:
    Cheques and legal documents that contain sensitive information which need to be handled sensibly. We at Xcart Development Services convert data from checks using OCR and ICR techniques. This helps you to store the information with high security and lets you retrieve information anytime.
  • Forms capture:
    The data is collected from the forms and then it is converted into images. The data is stored in the database after being processed.
  • Capturing of data from Microfilms, magnetic tapes and photos:
    The data is captured from different sources like microfilms, photos, magnetic tapes etc. The data is then processed and stored in the database. This data can be retrieved at any moment of time whenever needed.
  • Data capturing from Birth records, town records and municipal records:
    The data from the public records like birth records, town records or any other relevant document can be digitized by our data processing team. This information is searchable and can be archived.
  • Precise and Timely Data Capture and Data Entry Services Puts Your Business in Control:


Precise and Timely Data Capture and Data Entry Services Puts Your Business in Control

At Xcart Development – Data Entry Services India, we are adept at complete gamut of data entry and processing. Our scanning team can digitize any document. Our team is capable to scan your data onsite as well as off site, and also provide on demand services for scanning. Our On demand services include:

  • Document To Digital Conversion Services
    Your documents are converted into the digitized form using the latest scanning technology. After giving your documents to us you can take the sigh of relief and feel far from your worries of getting your file misfiled.
  • Color Scanning Services
    We even digitize the images or charts that you want to be a part of your database without compromising the quality of the image. Our color scanning team makes use of latest technologies and offers you the top quality digital files.


Data Processing and Data Entry Services: How We Go About It
  • Assured Accuracy in Data Entry Services
  • Rigorous Quality check - for which both single and double data entry services are offered
  • Assurance of SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • Minimum possible turnaround time
  • Assurance of confidentiality and security for all data
  • Suitable file transfer options: FTP, e-mail
  • We follow best industry standards and practices
  • Primary importance is given to the corporate governance and business ethics


Why Xcart Development for Data Entry Services and Data Capture Services?
  • Over 10 years of experience serving the customers globally
  • Flexible and strong business processes and efficient outsourcing model
  • We assure complete confidentiality and safety of your data
  • Xcart Development Services offers you accuracy of 99.99% ensuring consistent data for your business
  • Competitive and Affordable pricing - You can save 30 - 40% of your costs


At Xcart Development Services, we offer you quality driven, cost-effective, quick Data Entry and Data Capture Services. We understand the importance of your documents and ensure that security and privacy of the documents are uncompromised.

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