X-Cart Services

X-Cart shopping cart is fast. For most web stores there is no need to arrange a dedicated server. X-Cart is 100% PCI-DSS compatible. With help of PA-DSS certified X-Payments software you can accept credit cards right on your X-Cart powered web-site. X-Cart has a W3C-compliant storefront with a CSS-based layout. And it comes with several professional e-commerce design templates and we can customize and integrate any new design base on the business/Products.

X-Cart is search engine friendly. You can add meta-tags and define custom titles and URLs for product and category pages, which improves standing of your web store with popular search engines. Our team offers professional design creation and custom programming services. You can get a unique storefront design and a custom-made functionality to ensure the web store meets your business needs completely.

X-Cart Services

Create new ecommerce Store

Create new ecommerce Store
With X-cart

Use X-Cart to create your Online store, Used by thousands all over the world. Entrepreneurs all across world run successful X-Cart Stores. You can sell your Arts, Fashion Accessories, Electronics, Gadgets, sporting goods, furniture’s, apparels even Food online.

The main features of X-Cart are:

Total control over your site’s design including Cart page and Checkout page.
Our Professional Web designers can design custom layout according to your product type and target audience.

Fast and secure
X-Cart is the only PCI-DSS compliant Software you can run on your own serer. It get top benchmarks even on shared hosting. And State-of-the-art Security to ensure credit card data is secure.

Fully hosted online shopping Cart
plenty of built-in features about all functionality more online stores need. You can focus on growing your business and count on us regarding maintenance and X-Cart Keep running smoothly.

For any business size
it doesn’t matter if you are carrying 10 products or 100,000 products, X-Cart can handle it all. So it can cater all business size for small size business to large enterprises.

Redesign your existing X-cart

Redesign your existing X-cart

Is your existing website no longer fits into all of your marketing plans or seems outdated? No matter if we speak about enhanced site features, fresh content and information or a modernized look and feel that you're going to enrich your website with, site redesign service is the most suitable for you.

If you are maintaining an existing X-Cart-based ecommerce website you are likely aware of all enhancements you need to achieve with a website redesign. Using our vast experience and technological skills, our team can turn your ideas into a working online solution that improves your business image and provides a fresh impression for both existing and new customers.

Convert your Existing eCommerce Store to X-Cart

Convert your Existing
ecommerce store to X-cart

If you already have an online store but, for some reason, would like to move to X-Cart, our migration service fulfilled by experienced professionals is absolutely the best option for you.

We guarantee Individual approach to each customer, 100% uptime for the source store and secure data transfer from old store to new store. We can transfer manufacturers, product categories, Products, product images, product options, customer's data, order and order status with product images for sure.

We can create new design or we can migrate your store design to x-cart as well as a result, your x-cart store will look very similar to the old one.

Upgrade your x-cart store to Latest Version

Upgrade your x-cart store to
latest version

X-Cart v4.6 is by far the fastest version of X-Cart we've ever developed.

X-Cart has already won a reputation for being a reliable and speedy ecommerce solution; however, this v4.6 release takes X-Cart's overall performance to an entirely new level. For this release, we've put much effort into optimizing X-Cart's code to make X-Cart even faster than before.

Firstly, X-Cart's search scripts have underone a major overhaul, so now X-Cart takes a lot less time and server resources to do searches. This is important because in X-Cart the search mechanism is employed not only when someone uses the search box to find a product on the site, but also on a number of other occasions. For example, a product search is done even when X-Cart simply needs to select category/manufacturer products to be displayed on the page.

We also made a number of improvements to X-Cart's session handling mechanism, import scripts, categories behavior in both Admin and Customer areas, etc.

We managed to eliminate a number of performance bottlenecks and did a lot of testing to ensure the resulting product meets our expectations. Shown below are some of the results we got while testing the new X-Cart on the Amazon EC2 M3 (Large) server (12000 products in the database, 1-50 visitors online).
A number of X-Cart's modules and add-ons have been updated, among them:

  • Advanced Customer Reviews,
  • Antifraud,
  • Checkout by Amazon,
  • CloudSearch,
  • Hot Products,
  • Product Notifications,
  • Socialize,
  • Social Login,
  • TaxCloud,
  • X-Monitoring, etc.

Payment gateway solution

X-cart Payment gateway solution

New payment application security mandates require Visa clients to use, and ensure that their merchants and agents use, payment applications that adhere to the Payment Card Industry Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS). These security mandates require full compliance by July 1, 2012 for all regions and merchants. Deadline for US merchants was July the 1st 2010.

Simply put if you host credit card payment form on your web-site you are to use a PA-DSS certified software to process credit card payments.

Key features:

  • you don't risk a $50,000 fine from VISA for non-compliance
  • Compatibility with major payment gateways.
  • 3D-secure support
  • ability to process payments for up to 10 stores
  • customizable payment form page
  • full control over transactions (Authorize/Capture/Sale/Void/Refund/Info)
  • configurable permissions for staff users
Xcart Custom Module Development

X-Cart custom Module

X-Cart customization service includes alteration and tailoring of existing functionality for all official releases of X-Cart. This is the most popular development service related to our products.

Our team works with all types of custom web development. We work both with tiny customizations and complex long-term projects. Our quote service is free of charge; there is no obligation to purchase our service.

Upon receiving your request, one of our sales representatives involves into communication with you and settles all the details of desired functionality. After details are settled, sales representative will inform you about the cost of your project and the exact timeframe for performing custom programming. To make sure that the development process won't affect the proper functionality of your existing online store, we perform all modifications on our test server using an exact copy of your shopping cart retrieved from your server. It also allows us to demonstrate the new functionality so you could examine how your store will look like and make any comments or request changes if necessary. after receiving your approval, we upload modifications onto your live store. This process also includes careful testing of a new features and basic store functionality. After uploading, we inform you on completion, wait for your approval and possible comments.

Note : Complex and extensive code changes in X-Cart stores made during custom development services may impact negatively on further upgradeability of these stores. Automatic upgrade procedure may not be possible and upgrade packs may have to be applied manually

X-cart Moblie site

X-cart Mobile Site

The percentage of customers buying online via smartphones has dramatically increased in the last year, with almost all of our clients seeing 20% of their users coming from mobile devices. This is set to continue increasing at a very fast rate with Forrester predicting a 39% growth rate over the next five years, bring mobile ecommerce sales to a total of $36 billion by the end of 2016.

The key to success with mobile ecommerce is to provide the customer with the appropriate interface; this should be minimalist and fast loading. A dedicated mobile interface ensures that your customer has the best experience possible and increases conversion rate for those customers, compared to using a full interface not designed for small screens and slower Internet connections.

Key features:

  • Auto recognition of most web enabled phones which redirect from your home page to the mobile home page
  • Simple to customize the design with explanatory notes
  • Minimal graphics and minimal html for fast browsing.
  • Product and category images are automatically optimized for the mobile device.
  • Slim line checkout procedure.
  • Display root categories and subcategories with or without category images.
  • Display discount coupon box at the cart page.
  • Display the product image above the product title (where possible depending on device resolution) or to the side.
  • Display product images on the cart page.

X-Cart can be useful to

  • icon tagA company that has already been doing retail sales.
  • icon ecomA company that wants to start an online sales channel.
  • icon wholesalersDistributors / wholesalers.
  • icon Internet CompaniesInternet companies.
  • Export Import Export / Import companies.
  • store ownersStore owners - who want to take business globally.
  • ArtistsArtists (painters, Pottery)

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