Cloud Search Module for X-cart Store

Boost your search conversion rates with Cloud Search Module’s search capabilities. Cloud Search is solution that integrates with X-Cart to enable dynamic, real-time product search including autosuggest products with Brands and Product images in an X-Cart store. What does that mean for you? Simply, the easier it is for qualified buyers to find your products, the easier it is to sell more!

Lifetime License

Key Features

  • Showing search results instantly
  • Search results on the basis of the word or phrase matched with the search query and highlighting that word or phrase
  • Stuck for particular word or phrase, we can help you by real time suggestions.
  • Cloud Search accredit word forms and specify other advanced full-text search capabilities.
  • Cloud Search get the result without put load on server and this provides astonishingly fast result.
  • Updates are available for Performance and features.
  • Ajax GUI widget.
  • Compatible with all major browsers.
  • Display thumbnails of the product and with Price.

We offer Cloud Search Module for X-Cart Store at $165 and its onetime fee with Installation and it’s compatible with all versions, including latest version 4.6 of X-cart.

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