Quick Tips Module for Xcart

This module allows creating useful e-commerce trends quick tips by using WYSIWYG editor. Admin granted to add any design to customer tips by customer or order our design service.

"The promo strip" is not new, but has slowly caught on to the point it's almost standard for high street retailers, yet still fairly rare on smaller sites.

The module allows to create quick tips using WYSIWYG editor. So the store administrator will be able to easy add any design to your tips by yourself or order our design service.

Sometimes these promote key selling points of the site or the brand itself, other times they highlight current promotions, though really they're a nice way to display info that you want *every* visitor to the site to see.

Lifetime License

Compatible with all versions

The benefits of placing these under the top navigation are:

  • They appear on every page, so no matter where someone lands on the site they see it.
  • Even if visitors are on a low screen resolution, they still see it immediately.
  • The top navigation is where visitors are looking, so - whether they register it consciously or not - almost everyone sees it.

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